Sufferers of acne breakouts have numerous treatments at their disposal when it comes to fighting acne.  But what does a person do when they have tried all of the options and still haven’t cured the problem of acne? There are surgical solutions for the treatment of acne available.  One of the more popular surgical options is laser surgery.  But how do you know if you need laser surgery?

Once you get an acne breakout, you probably rush to your local supermarket or drugstore and head for the skin care aisle.  You choose a product that you believe will work and you take it home to use.  Or if you are like some people, you will try a home remedy to fix your acne problem.   If your initial acne solution doesn’t work, you will probably try another before turning to your family doctor or a dermatologist for help.

A doctor or dermatologist can prescribe a topical treatment for you to apply to the affected parts of your body.  If that doesn’t work, they may give you a prescription for an oral antibiotic to fight acne from the inside of your body instead of the outside.  If after you try all these options and they fail to work, your dermatologist might suggest laser treatment to fix the problem once and for all.

Laser treatment works two ways to fight acne.  In one procedure, the laser will work to eliminate the bacteria that are the root cause of your acne.  By hitting the bacteria where they live, the laser is stopping the growth of any future acne bumps.  The second procedure targets the sebaceous glands.  These glands produce sebum.  Sebum ordinarily moisturizes the skin but if it is over produced, it can lead to oily skin and eventually acne.  When the laser targets the sebaceous glands, it is stopping the glands from producing any more sebum.  These two types of procedures will be done over the course of months to work on curing your acne.

Some people opt for laser treatment immediately instead of trying other solutions to fight their acne.  That is an option that you can consider but laser treatment is usually reserved for the most serious of acne cases.  A discussion with your dermatologist can determine whether laser treatment is appropriate for you.